• DIY • BUG SPRAY ~ using essentials oils 🤩 ~

It’s hot, humid and the last thing you want is to be itchy from all the bug bites summertime just loves to offer!! To be honest, if I had to rate a top 10 of worst things in the world, bug bites would be on it…. let’s face it, BUGS in general would be on it.

B U T What’s even worse is using the smelly, not to mention sticky bug spray you can find in your local Walmart.

SO – you know there’s an essential oil blend for pretty much everything you could think of ~ so you know I’ve found something for the outdoors now that it’s pushing 90+ degrees in Virginia.. *yikes* I’m going to share with you all a DIY bug spray using just 5 essential oils (10 drops of each in a 4oz body)!!

|Taken from (housefiveessentials)|

• 10 drops of Citronella, 10 drops of Lemongrass, 10 drops Peppermint, 10 drops purification, 10 drops of Lavender (optional) •

Once you’ve added your oils, you’re going to fill 1/3 of the 4oz bottle with ‘witch hazel’ and the remaining 2/3 with water.

If you have a diffuser that you’re able to bring outdoors, you can ALSO diffuse this blend while hanging outback!

I hope you all give this awesome DIY trick in your own aromatherapy routine a try ~ I think this could help everyone out this summer !!


Hello to all my readers!! 🤩

If anyone reading has gotten a chance to view my previous post ~ ~ or if you’re just tuning in ~ WELCOME 🌞 ~

It’s been a while since I have posted; as well as wrote anything. I took a couple months off from blogging, writing, posting, all that stuff* (well really, social media in general). The point of this was really to find a better headspace. Finding my true self, again.

After finals, graduation, moving from college – back home, job seeking & interviews ~ all that F u n STUFF *NOT* I began to feel that it really took a toll on my physical & mental health. So, I took a ‘me’ break. To anyone reading, IT IS OK TO TAKE TIME FOR YOU – never feel guilty either – whatsoever.

I just had a lotttttt of crazy going on. S O, on that note I greatly apologize – but I’m back with some great, new stuff to share with you all. To all of my mind>body healers out there, you won’t wanna miss these upcoming posts🌞🌸✨

~~~ all post with exclusive techniques, brands + products && more will be posted this upcoming week ~~~

Always, xx M

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Aromatherapy DIY guide: Squeeze out the Stress!

In this week’s post, I want to share with you all a NEW DIY project I’ve found and hope you all can enjoy as much as I have! Lately, I’ve been doing several DIY projects, whether it been re-purposing furniture, painting wood pallets, to canvas painting, etc. I decided to incorporate Aromatherapy with a DIY project because… well why not?!

The aromatherapy technique I’m going to share today is simply a DIY aromatherapy stress ball, so you’re getting (2) satisfying benefits in ONE! The calmness and a stress relief feeling from the squishy stress ball, as well as adding your favorite essential oils.

Squishy ball + Essential oils = Aromatherapy stress ball! How I personally made my essential oil, stress ball  was obviously finding a ball that suited me and that I felt could relieve certain stress when using, then I thought “what oils do I love and would think would add to my relaxation and calmness routine”.

As I have wrote in previous post, we all know Lavender is the number one oil for better sleep, stress, and overall the best to use for your mind and body to relax. But, there’s gotta be more than just lavender I can use for this, so I thought why not use a blend with many essential oils and determine if it suits the benefits I need for my stress ball.

With that, I decided to use a “worry less” blend along with my “stress relief” blend I’ve mentioned before. The two together gave for one, an amazing scent that instantly gave me a relax and spa like feeling, to make the actual stress ball I used 10 drops of each. A medium size balloon, a funnel (to add all my ingredients) and about ¼ cup of flour.

Depending on the amount of drops you do use could require more or less flour. The flour is what gives the ball it’s actual “structure” and the oils, well obviously give the benefit of what we’re making the stress ball for! So, after you have added everything, using your funnel to insert, next is to tie up the balloon making sure it’s got a nice, tight knot and squeeze your stress and go!

** making sure that you won’t run into a mess of flour and liquid everywhere! (because my luck I had this thought the entire time) it’s important to use the right size balloon as well as not over filling, and using a durable enough balloon as well is also key to this DIY creation.

Thanks for reading and hope you all give this little project a try and squeeze your end of the semester stress awaaaaaay!

The Essential Oil guide for safe travels …

Maybe you’re on a long road trip or just looking for something to diffuse on your commute to class or work, in this weeks post I’ll touch on a few car blends I’ve recently discovered and absolutely LOVE. Who would’ve thought the same essential oil blends we already use daily could now be tweaked a little and used on the road and with you while traveling?

Well now that I’ve purchased my new car diffuser, I’m able to do that! I’m excited to talk about how great the experience of adding these blends to any kind of car ride has been for me and the incredible benefits my overall mind and body feel while traveling!

For me personally, I can get really anxious while driving depending on where I’m going or how long I’m driving for. I drive 5+ hours to go home for break and driving on interstate 81 with those tracker trailers can really make me feel like the entire drive is me gripping the steering wheel or freaking out because I had one in front of me and one beside me going around a sharpe curve, you get my point. So if you’re someone like me who experiences this a little too often, this aromatherapy technique I find so awesome because it’s great for those who love to travel but maybe don’t like the actual car part of the travel. If that makes sense? What I mean by that is some people may get car sick faster than others, or you’re that person that gets anxious driving for a long period of time, or maybe you just want a nice, new car smell, I mean who doesn’t?

First, I’ll list a blend I use called “Keep calm” this relaxes my mind and body so I’m not freaking out worried about the big truck driving next to me, it’s also great to ease the tension our bodies can feel during long road trip. It consist of course, Lavender. But adding, a few drops of lime to keep you alert and concentrated (citrus blends are great for that) and a few drops of Mandarin, also great for overall calm and easing of the mind and body.

Secondly, a blend that is perfect for those who experience that car sick feeling we all dread! A motion sickness blend, that combines a few drops of Peppermint and a few drops of Ginger. In previous post, I’ve mentioned a lot about the benefits that come from peppermint, one of those being alertness and also great for headaches, so by adding a natural ginger to the peppermint will keep our bodies from experiencing nausea and overall supports our digestion system.

And lastly, a blend to just give your car that fresh, new car scent is a combination of a few drops of an 100% natural orange oil, and a few drops of wintergreen. Wintergreen, as we know has that minty clean smell, and pairing it with a citrus oil, such as orange the two give you a scent of cleanliness and will keep your car smelling great even days after!

All three of the blends I shared to you all today, I have personally used and have left me with satisfying benefits that I was searching for! Below is the car diffuser I personally own and 100% recommend to anyone who found interest in my post (:

(picture used from amazon.com)

Sleeping Essentials: The Pillow Mist Guide

Hi everyone – Thanks for viewing this weeks post.

Today I’m going to speak on a previous aromatherapy technique that I have spoken a little on in previous posts; if you readers got a chance to read that. The point of today’s post is because I felt I really wanted to go into full detail and make speak specify on using an Aromatherapy pillow mist spray, along with life changing benefits that come with it!

Whether you’re creating your own DIY essential oil mist or purchasing one that has already been blended; it’s important to make sure most of the blend itself has been infused with the essential oil Lavender. A mist that has 100% natural Lavender, (you can get a mist that has something blended with the lavender, a lot of pillow mist are made with more than just the lavender) is best for relaxion, stress, calmness and overall a better sleep routine.

Personally, my mist was already made and I purchased it from a local TJ max, it’s blended with both Lavender and Rose. The brand I am currently using is called “Meditation Aromatherapy” it’s a calming mist with the two blended together. Not only do the two smell amazing but I feel work better together for the personal benefits I was looking for. I have used several other pillow mist that really only were blended with Lavender, I still enjoyed them and felt they did work very well, but I’ve found when oils are blended together they typically give you a greater benefit because all oils have different reasons why they’re used.

I use this technique each night before bed and no joke, it can literally put me right to sleep with just 4-6 sprays that I spray all over my pillows and liens. I will sometimes use my diffuser as well (I sometimes struggle with getting to sleep) so with just a few drops of lavender in my diffuser along with my spray, it can really make me feel more relaxed and calm, to fall asleep faster. What I have found that I love about this technique is not just for a great sleep, but filling your personal living spaces with these blends will also give that satisfying feeling of having your room and home smell great too! As well as helping your overall mood and better that can give you that great nights rest we all would love to get every night.

Because trust me, if your sleep schedule is anything like mine you’ll want to use this technique. In my opinion, there’s no worse feeling than waking up restless from tossing and turning all night long so why not try and fix it?

Xx, M

JUST ANOTHER HOW TO: add aromatherapy to your dance routine… say what?!

Hi everyone thanks for reading – this weeks blog is what I want to talk to you all about, adding aromatherapy to our exercise/active routines…

I’ve decided to incorporate some aromatherapy techniques into my workout routines each week. Every day I get home from working out, I always feel good because I worked out, but my body does feel drained and physically tired. I have really enjoyed using essential oils in my daily schedule, but I’ve also been trying hard to keep a consistent exercise routine to get begin living a healthy lifestyle.

I feel that using these aromatherapy techniques after, during, or before working out has helped me stay consistent, because it’s two healthy things I’ve tied into my daily schedule and have learned how using them together actually does keep me more concentrated, as well as motivated…

One pretty awesome blend I’ve used, the first time I tried this was during my dance class actually, I am taking this as an elective this semester, and my professor insisted I bring them in to show the class. The blend was called the “Get Motivated” blend. [ 2 drops of Black pepper, 2 drops of lime, 1 drop of Orange and 1 drop of Frankincense]. This combination is great for alerting the mind and body, focus and overall relaxation from the Frankincense and Orange. I find this to be a very uplifting blend, that my entire class and professor really enjoyed me bringing in to try.

 I started using different blends in my diffuser, finding the perfect blends for muscle soreness, rehydrating the body and to relax and ease our mind after a tough workout. I also used rollerball blend, I purchased from TJ max, this is great for working out muscle tightness and relaxing certain muscles right on the surface. I also made a DIY scrub, using Youngliving Spearmint and Lavender I like to use in the shower or bath to help with muscle recovery.

Not only do I strongly recommend using aromatherapy for sleep, or getting your morning going in my previous post, I truly do believe the benefits from using them during or after working out works wonders. It really takes away the anxiousness feeling that we have sometimes have after an intense workout. Maybe, you know you’re going to be sore the next day so just give a blend a try! You won’t be sorry!

Xx, M

Where are our products REALLY coming from…?

So over the past few weeks, I’ve touched on some different oils, techniques and blends I feel fit best in each of our daily routines. These are all essential oils and techniques that I personally use daily and give me several amazing benefits I have covered in previous post.

It’s come to my attention that a lot of companies that offer oils, diffuser, and other aromatherapy products are not 100% natural products and have actually been mis manufactured to distributors that could care less. Scary huh?

So do we actually know where these “oils” are coming from and if they’re even doing what they say they are?

After several mounts of research, I’ve found so far that the ONLY company for these products that allows actual tours at their headquarters is YoungLiving. They psychically show and walk you through the steps of how each oil is made, used and the benefits each has. Several other companies do not even give their customers that, let alone factual research that they themselves make 100% natural products.

This is so, sooo important in aromatherapy and making sure anything you use or consume is 100% natural and good for your overall health. Because, that’s the point in using essential healing, you’re doing it for your mind, body and mood. Knowing your products is the key factor to make the most use out of each technique.

Now, I am not trying to shame any of these other organizations, I personally feel that the company that can tell you the most and believe in what they’re selling is the way you should want any product or service you use and purchase frequently.

It’s ok to ask questions when buying oils, or new products and it’s also just as important to know where they are coming from!

Each Essential oil is supposedly a plant-based natural extract. Although, when products are manufactured poorly and the products are not directly coming from the plant itself, many other ingredients can be placed instead.  The main reason why I have come to love YoungLiving so much is honestly because they have gardens and a headquarters that they DIRECTLY take from to make their products.

I’ll continue my research as to other companies that I hope are doing the same, as for now stick to #YoungLivingProducts! I’ve linked their site below.

Next weeks post will be a podcast going into this subject a little bit deeper. Thanks for reading.

Xx Meg