Let’s roll with the blend!

In this week’s post I want to share to you all a quick and easy aromatherapy technique that I’ve recently explored and absolutely LOVE. I’ve been learning and researching several more blends and combinations that work together for all kinds of benefits. I’ve also learned the difference between top, middle and base notes and the importance that each one has in mixing together a blend.

This is extremely important in any style of aromatherapy because every note is different and it’s important to use the correct ones for your best benefit.

Roller blends can be a fun, exciting process and they’re so EASY to do!

They’re so many different oils it can sometimes seem intimidating to find what works for you. The steps to choosing all three notes will help you know which ones can work together and which ones cant.

So lets start off by the first few steps on making a roller blend! I personally use a 10ml bottle, you can find these at art stores, such as Michael’s Arts and Crafts but they can be a little expensive. I did find on Amazon.com an entire set of them that were actually nicer and they cost half the price!

Lets just say, Amazon’s killing it. Obviously.

 But seriously, if you like the idea of making your own blends and you’re interested in trying essential healing, this saves you from buying some pricey diffuser and still gives amazing benefits to our mind, body and overall health!

So next is choosing the different notes to create your blend of choice!

To name a few Top Notes: Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime and Orange are all part of a Citrus top note..

Then we have our Middle Notes: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose and Ylang Ylang

Rose and Ylang Ylang can also be used as a base too.

And lastly, you want to choose a base note to complete your blend… these can vary from a floral, earthy or oriental oil.

A few Base Notes:

So floral bases can be a Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang (which can be middle notes too like said above)

Earthy bases are more of a natural selection such as Spikenard & Vetiver where as an Oriental base like the name can be a fresh Ginger or Patchouli oil to give your blend an enlighten, rich scent.

So now that we’re aware of all of these notes and the differences we’re ready to BLEND!

You want to pick one essential oil from each of the categories I’ve listed: top note, middle note, and the base note. To create a balanced aromatic blend you want to a create a 20% dilution.(coconut oil works best in my opinion). This gives us a nice scent but doesn’t overpower.

One reason I suggest starting off using a 10ml bottle is because you want to start small. This makes it where you’re sort of making a sample bottle and not wasting a whole batch if it doesn’t come out as planned. It took me several different times to find and create the right one and that’s why I’m writing this post to share my experience and what I found DOES work. (which saves you all some time).

I’m going to talk about the roller blend I’ve made on my own using the list above that I’ve shared. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t come out the way I wanted or it would just smell awful. If you create a blend and this happens that’s OK! You’re learning, experimenting and finding which works for you and YOUR body.

The roller blend I decided to make was going to be used for muscle soreness as a soothing blend that is perfect for after the gym. You can actually roll this directly on the sore muscle and rub it in.

The top note I choose was a Lemongrass which I used 2-3 drops of, I then choose my middle note Eucalyptus another 2-3 drops and finished it off with a base of Ylang Ylang with 1-2 drops. I did add 2 drops of peppermint which I did not mention above but it can be used as a top or middle note.

I personally love peppermint for almost anything and I use it (probably too much). There’s nothing wrong with adding a drop or 2 of your favorite oil IF it will work with the rest of the others, which peppermint does.

After adding your drops, add 20% of your carrier oil to dilute, I suggest coconut oil or grapeseed.

It’s also good to label your blends so you remember what you used, and then you put the top onto your blend, make sure it’s shaken well and you’re ready to roll!

I hope you all give this technique a try, you won’t be sorry!!

Xx M


Stress Reliever… say what?

So anyone in college, or even working part time, full time, or maybe you’re just a busy person all around. Well I don’t know about you all, but sometimes starting the week gets hard. You’re tired, stressed, probably have a ton of assignments and things lined up for the week ahead.

Monday mornings are normally the worst, or you might just be loosing your energy in the middle of the day and need something to keep you pushing along. I try to stay away from energy drinks and coffee, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. At least what I’m saying is maybe limiting your average 4 cups of coffee to 1 or 2 a day because lets face it, we still crave caffeine sometimes more than others so me telling you some oil you know nothing about can do what coffee does probably makes me sound crazy… Am I right?

Although, I have recently discovered a technique that can wake up the brain, focus and re-energize me the same way coffee can (well depending on the day) but hey, it’s a start and the benefits are worth it! Simply try adding this to your morning routine and see a difference in your overall mood and stress level, as well as your alertness.

I’ve recently purchased a blend called “Stress Relief”. It’s a 100% all-natural essential oil, made by a brand called “Woolzies”. I found it at TJ Max but it’s also available on Amazon too. It’s seriously one of the best purchases I’ve bought since adding aromatherapy to my daily routine.
I pair it with another all natural oil, Peppermint. I really have used several different brands for peppermint because it’s one of the most popular oils used in many aromatherapy techniques. The Woolzies Stress relief blend is already a combination of a couple different oils making it such a great blend to use for really anything.

By adding an extra kick with the Peppermint is what makes it a great morning or even afternoon pick me up! I like to use it first thing in the morning, and depending on the type of diffuser it can last a good part of the day so it keeps you moving along with your daily activities.
In my opinion, it also smells amazing. A lot of the blends I’ve used for certain in search of benefits or just a new scent I may try, sometimes they just don’t work for what you’re looking for and that’s ok. You’re not going to like every oil or every blend you pick up. You have to try out what you like and what fits. For both the scent and the way it may make you feel as well as finding the benefits you want out of aromatherapy.
Lastly, going back to last week’s post on blends for your cleaning routine, this one not only gives you a good morning pick up and you focused and natural energy, it’s a blend you can use to make your whole house smell good too!

How to add essential oils to your daily cleaning routine…

Many different odors can lingeraround our homes and we sometimes don’t even realize it. Everyone wants a fresh,clean smell to give off a refreshing feeling, am I right?

Unfortunately, to the people living in the home the smellcan be unrecognizable. But, to a visitor they definitely can spot a bad aroma. Thisdoesn’t mean you’re dirty, or don’t clean your house. These unwanted odors can comefrom daily life activities that we sometimes can’t help.

If you like to cook, maybe your favoritefish, or you cook a lot of veggies like broccoli. These might taste delicious atthe time but they don’t smell the greatest in the process. You own a dog, orcat? Pet smells can be the worse and hard to get rid of. Especially a wet dogsmell, or better yet if your dog ran toward a skunk and the tomato juice justisn’t doing it. Try getting rid of that! It seems impossible.

But, I can honestly say when I firstexperienced the greatness of using essential oils and the benefits they serve,they really can be used for everything. Using an aromatherapy diffuser, withthe right oils can give your home a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation! Inthis weeks post, I want to share a few blends I personally use to solve thisproblem on a day-to-day basis. A lot of these blends only consist of 3 oils thatare pretty common to find!

If you’re in to a minty fresh scent,you can do a “Minty-fresh clean air” blend. This consist of using only 100% allnatural essential oil. 3 drops of Eucalyptus, 2 drops of peppermint, and 3drops of rosemary. This will leave a room with a sparkly, fresh mint feeling. Ifeel this is a great blend for your bathroom. Another bathroom blend I recommendis a “bathroom deodorizer” this only consist of two oils; 5 drops of peppermintand 5 drops of lemongrass. A lot of people love and enjoy a Citrus cleaner, I personallylove this one for any room in the house. With this mixture, you’re using 4drops of lime, 2 drops of lemon and 1 drop of spearmint.

All three of these blends can giveyou the satisfaction and pleasure in knowing your house smells good to not onlyyou, but the guest that you invite in. The oils I listed today are all 100%natural and have many different benefits for all uses. You can find these almostanywhere and I do use a couple different brands in finding new oils. I will saythat two brands I love buying are Nature’s Remedy and DoTerra. These can sometimesget pricey if you’re buying them directly from the website itself. Luckily, I’vefound that stores such as Tj Max have some great finds if you have the time to search.

Lastly, I’ve listed some of theoils in today’s post just giving a quick insight using a health benefit  to show that the use of them don’t only haveto be used for clean, fresh smell but for your daily routine too! can besuccessful…

Spearmint not only can give aminty fresh feeling, but it also helps relieve and relax nerves and sore muscles!Which I left on last week, spearmint is also in the Epsom salt baths I love! Lime,you may enjoy a bright and tart scent that comes from using a lime essentialoil but did you know that studies have shown that it is also great to use as anatural energizer. As well as improving your focus without a jittery feelingthat drinking too much coffee can give you. Lemon, as well as lime gives someof the same benefits to feeling an awakening, energized mood.

And Lastly, I want to talk aboutessential oil Rosemary, which is one of the oils that acts as a naturalpesticide. Not only can it freshen the air but it can boost our immune systems,live function and improve memory and cognitive functions.

All of the oils I went further intoabove are all used in the most recent blends I’ve tired out and I suggest anyoneinterested to give these a try!

Xx Meg

A hot bath adding a little aromatherapy…

Only $5.00 at BigLots!

In this weeks post, I want to touch on a different technique for using essential oil healing as well as the benefits you’d never think your next hot bath could give you!

Sometimes you’ve had a long, stressful week, your mind is elsewhere, you’re feeling overwhelmed and you just want to have some time to yourself. The aromatherapy healing technique I like to use, leaving me with a feeling of relief and relaxation is a bath with Epsom salt using my favorite essential oils. Many add bath bombs, perfumes and oils to their bath, but I personally use and recommend “Dr. Teals pure Epsom salt, soaking solutions”. The one reason I use Dr. Teals brand is because it’s already combined with the right amount of essential oils, and depending on the kind you choose they’re typically a combination of two different blends that work great together to offer so many different benefits.

I love the relax and relief soaking solution, this has a mix of Eucalyptus and Spearmint. They’re both meant and used for relaxation, stress relief and muscle pain and soreness. An essential healing Epsom salt bath has several other benefits, no matter which blend you use. Although, I feel this combination helps me when I feel like I need a break from the world. In fact,many studies have shown that an Epson salt bath once a week for 20 minutes can improve your sleep, lower blood pressure, retain hydration and clean the skin,as well as restoring elasticity and moisturize the body.

I know it may seem like i’m throwing a lot of information at you all at once, and I don’t want to seem like I’m just sitting here listing a bunch of benefits that a bath can give you. Remember, just like everything we change about our lifestyles, or add to our health routine it takes time. Our bodies go through a lot, some more than others. By getting into a routine of giving yourself a relaxing, weekly routine will begin letting your body rest and you’ll start to even see a change in your overall mood.

Many make the mistake of trying to create their own DIYepsom salt blends, this can actually be more harmful to your body than it canbe helpful. That’s if it has been done wrong, many make successful blends thatwork best for them. I know I said this earlier but this is why I live by Dr.Teals. Whereas, when creating your own you’re having to mix 3 ingredients,baking soda, epsom salt (plain), and the correct amount of your oil of choice.  The problem some have is because essentialoils alone are considered a lipophilic, which don’t dissolve and mix with waterwell, unless used through a diffuser. Although, when combined with dryingredients such as Epsom salt they work together as a natural healer and canserve the benefits your body needs and wants.

Hope all who looked into this week’s try out this technique andlove it as much as I do!

A beginners guide to essential oil therapy…

Let me first start by saying, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of oil blends to choose from you’re not alone. How to get started using essential healing in your daily routine can seem pointless or even frustrating. I personally had no idea about which oils worked for me or which blends I should try for this or that. Everyone has their own way of what works for them or what doesn’t.

The overall point I want to address is there are many different ways that make essential healing fun, enjoyable and a lifestyle for your everyday life.I want to guide you all with the safest and most effective ways to start your journey as beginners in aromatherapy, essential oil therapy.

The method I feel has been beneficial to my life and what I feel could work for you!

Number one, whichever method you choose to use with your oil blends is up to you. Whether it may be an inhaler, massage, topical applications, or diffusing that is your preference. I enjoy using a diffuser, to me it’s quick and simple. You just add your water, your oil of choice and hit a button. The diffuser I would recommend is from the brand “natures remedy”. I actually found it at Tj Max, it came with the coolest hand-blown glass shell that fits over top of the diffuser itself. It was a pretty awesome find, and it was only $25.00!! I love the natures remedy brand, simply because almost every diffuser they sell is 7+ hours of run time, and can be used up to 1,000+ sq. ft. Those are two features that really matter choosing your own.

Nature's Remedy – White Marble

Now that you’ve got your diffuser, lets talk about what actually goes inside these things. A few oils that I recommend everyone new to aromatherapy should have handy are:

1. Peppermint

2. Cedar wood

3. Lavender

4. Grapefruit

5. Orange

6. Frankincense

7. Lemon

8. Tea tree

So I know I listed a little more than a few, and I won’t go over every single one of these in this exact post but most sets do come in sets of eight as far as the smallest I have seen. I will name some new blends I have tired and continue to use daily. Personally, what I do when deciding on an oil is, “well, how am I feeling today?” or “what’s the issue”.

Frankincense and Lavender have a lot of benefits when using them as a blend, they naturally suppress our bodies to a calming and relaxing state. Lavender is also great while used with lemon to create a fresh and clean blend together. This is great for last minute house guest and maybe give your house or car (yes, there are now portable car diffusers) a fresh feeling.

Lastly, I will say tea tree is one of my most favorite oils I love to blend, it’s great to use with lemon. The two together have natural cleaners, as lemon is a detox oil and tea tree works as a cleaning oil. If you’re beginning to lose your voice, or even a sore throat this is a great blend to try.

To end with those few blends, I will address different ones weekly, it’s great to start out with a few at first rather than mixing and changing out a blend constantly, I believe this is key to how you find what you like or dislike.

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Mental Health| Essential Healing

Written by, Meagan Sirois

I personally use essential oils for the mind, body andoverall health. They have seriously impacted my life in several ways. First, insteadof researching mounts of information trying to find what blends you should use,or what oils will benefit this, or that. The main process when using essentialhealing is finding the impact each oil has on each one of our emotions. Whetherit be to uplift, soothe or empower our bodies and minds; this is just the firststep to finding a passion for emotional healing.

To find those blends, we have to realize that to release ouremotions, we must stimulate the amygdala. Your sense of smell is everything, it is also the one sense outof five that is directly linked to the lobe of our brains that we find hostingour emotions. We know our minds can be all over the place sometimes, whetherwe’re expressing some of our greatest emotions or here comes our worst emotionsthat we sometimes lose ourselves trying to control.

Some of these emotions bring depression, fear, or anxietyinto our lives, and while our minds can feel uncontrollable, many will turn to prescriptiondrugs believing that they will find a relief in these symptoms.

Unfortunately, with an unknown design that pharmaceuticaldrugs can possibly have on our bodies, we fail to realize that these have an unnatural disturbance on other functionsin our bodies, which will always leave us with some kind of side effect, thereis almost no real healing from this, just a dependence. Essentialhealing is one of the most efficient and natural ways to overcome oursuppressed emotions, where no prescription is needed.

I want to start with an emotion that many of us strugglewith on a daily basis, Anxiety. Essential oils find our symptoms that weexperience from anxiety, and begin correcting and creating our cells tofunction properly with one another, whereas we sometimes have no idea what a pilldoes once it enters the body.

As we all know, struggling with anxiety is not easy.The feeling of living with constant fear of another panic attack is alwayssomething you think about whether its once a day, or all day long. I know frompersonal experience that nothing seems to be ok, and you’re constantlystressing your mind and body on an everyday basis.

Since, I’ve used Anxiety as my main emotion in this weekspost, I will start with my personal experience and the essential healing I useeach day to find my headspace, and continue to beat my anxiety in a natural,healthy way.

I use a diffuser almost all day long, in the mornings a sweetorange and peppermint work best to give me a refreshed and energized feeling tobegin my day. Most diffusers (depending on which one you have) will lastanywhere from 4-8 hours. Before bed, I like to clean out the last blend I usedbefore adding another, (always important to keep certain oils from blending thatshould not be). I then add 5-6 drops of “Lovely Lavender”, the brand I’m usingright now is called  “Awsumthings” and isone of my absolute favorites. I also use an aromatherapy, “pillow spray” whichhas a lavender and rose blend, and you simply use a few sprays on all liningseach night before bed.

Lavender is used for varies amounts of emotions, and it has been proven to be beneficial for anxiety, depression and our overall stress levels, which can keep us up at night. Researchers have found benefits in lavender that enhance the functions in our brains, helping us improve relaxion. Spiritually, lavender can uplift our minds, take the weight off from depression, weakness, and balance out the negative emotions anxiety has on our mood.